Stéfan speaks to small and large audiences wishing to get inspired to go for it.

Be it a sales force facing a stiff headwind looking to overcome adversity. Individuals looking for a tonic to chase a goal. Someone in a rut wanting to correct course or create a more compelling future. Debunking our comfort zone, where our grit comes from and why inventing a new possibility produces never imagined results.

We all handle adversity differently; an hour with Stefan will lift the veil on how to reframe what lays ahead from the seemingly impossible to the possible. Watch the TEDxTalk "What's Your Gobi?" for a glimpse of the content.

Stéfan is Chief Talent Officer & CEO at Mandrake (www.mandrake.ca) which operates firms in the Executive Search, Onboarding, Career Transition, and Talent Management businesses, nationally, and abroad. Stéfan started his career in the Marketing department of Procter & Gamble and has a B. Comm. from McGill University.

With over 25 years of experience in human capital, Stéfan has influenced the growth of one of Canada's largest privately-held firm. Outside of his direct involvement in the recruiting of dozens of CEO's, he has brokered several mergers and acquisitions, and has led hundreds of executive engagements in Finance, Sales, HR, Marketing, and Strategy for various service, not-for-profit, and manufacturing companies. He is an expert on the War on Talent and the issues surrounding the changing face of human capital in today's market, and frequently published, on air, or as a speaker. Stéfan was awarded the Paul Mulvihill Humanitarian award in 2010 and was inducted in the Marketing Hall of Legends in 2013.

Stéfan has been very active driving social responsibility, including:

  • Founded "Running for Nabs" www.running4nabs.com Founder (Ran across the Gobi, Atacama, Antarctica, and Sahara deserts to raise funds for unemployed and distressed executives and helped raise $200,000 to date)
  • Co-founded "Skate for Kids" www.skateforkids.com, an event benefiting kids at risk of which, netting more than $1,000,000

Board work (past and present):

  • IMD, Mandrake's global executive search parent organization; McGill Business Faculty Advisory Board; Privately held businesses in the Media and Manufacturing industries; Young President Organization
  • World Education Services; Social Enterprise Development Innovations
  • The Power Plant; ProAction (outreach program from cops to kids at risk); and American Marketing Association

Stéfan is proud parent of two teenage daughters and an avid sports enthusiast:

  • Top 20 finish at the Windsurfing World Championships, Canadian Vice-Champion
  • Desert Ultra-Marathons; 1st (40-50 age group) Gobi March, 1st (Team) Atacama Crossing and Antarctica: The last desert; and 2nd (Team) Sahara Race, each 250Km Desert footraces part of 4 Desert circuit.