"We had the privilege of having Stefan Danis speak to our team during a company-wide meeting. It had been a fast-paced, challenging two quarters at FUSE where our team was feeling the obstacles of agency life (growth, change, client demands, etc.). Stefan's talk about finding courage to face life's obstacles and his approach to pushing your own personal boundaries was very gripping. He delivered his speech in far more of a story-telling approach versus a speech... an approach that was welcoming, humbling and engaging for the entire team. The story of his journey was filled with a mix of big life-changing discoveries contrasted against minute and humorous observances from the road... all connecting back to real-life business learning. When he finished he had our team wanting more. I'd welcome him back any day."
- Stephen Brown, President FUSE Marketing Group

"...inspiring from start to finish."
- Chris Wood, Chairman GBO Inc.

"Your life is what you choose it to be. Reflecting this philosophy, Stefan provides an excellent reminder that anything is possible when you choose to put your soul into it and refuse to fail."
- Howard Breen, CEO MacLaren McCann

"This incredible story was highly motivational and had a significant impact on my life. Seeing what Stefan was able to accomplish once he put his mind to it made my personal goals seem much easier to achieve. If you are looking for a way to inspire your team, this presentation will do it!"
- David Civiero, CEO The Link-Line Group of Companies

"A unique and entertaining perspective on issues and realities we are facing in our business lives, presented in a practical and engaging format. Our teams will apply several learnings from Stefan's presentation in both their personal and professional challenges."
- Andy Querin, President Zoom Media

"Stefan's story is highly motivating and makes one realize that virtually anything is possible with focus, determination and a passionate commitment to achieving a goal. There are numerous lessons for anyone who is fortunate enough to hear his story."
- Kevin Young, President Armtec Infrastructure Fund

"It was my hope that Stefan could bring some perspective to what adversity really means in a year when all of us have had our share of difficult situations to deal with. What was delivered was more than I could have ever have expected. The life lessons that Stefan communicates in his presentation are applicable to all ages, levels and walks of life. Our team walked away inspired, motivated to do more personally and professionally and in awe of what one person can do if they set their mind to it. I would highly recommend that you invest the time in your people."
- Brent Lowe-Bernie, President comScore

"Stefan has pushed the boundaries and found his new "normal" while continuing to lead his business and family. In so doing he has inspired me to reach a little higher and consider the ways to achieve my personal adventures."
- Shaun Francis, CEO Medcan Health Management

"All leaders can draw from Stefan's presentation. From the depths of ones being is where leadership, courage and determination are born, Stefan's journey is awe inspiring!"
- Craig Campbell, President Total Security Management

"Sharing the story with us was nothing short of "ultimate inspiration". Thank you! You made us proud to be associated with you. You invoked a certain spirit in all of us."
- Sam Chebib, President & CEO Nightingale

"Just to tell you how moved I have been from your presentation. It was real inspiring and truly remarkable. A great source of motivation."
- Jean Noelting, CEO RoyCap

"Stefan takes you on a roller coaster ride that is hugely inspirational while retaining a vulnerable personal touch that we should all be able to relate to as we reach for our own personal and corporate goals. Stefan shares his quest with others so they too can be inspired."
- Bruce Levitt, CEO Levitt-Safety Limited

"I followed Stefan's blog during his journey across the Gobi and was truly inspired on a daily basis by reading what he was going through. His presentation on his emotional and physical journey, will captivate your imagination and touch your spirit. Perhaps it will even ignite an inner flame to accomplish the impossible. Stefan's presentation illustrates what humans are capable of achieving and it is a great vehicle to motivate individuals and teams."
- Sandra Hokansson, President and Country Manager Adecco

"Stefan's presentation describes his intense personal experience in conquering his challenges and fears in the Gobi Desert, but for the audience it is much more than an adventure travelogue. Rather, through hearing the powerful story of Stefan's journey of self discovery, we see a real life metaphor for our own search for meaning and purpose in our personal and professional lives as we seek to find our own "Gobi experience".
- Tom Reeves, CEO Interface Biologics

"... great presentation and made me want to push myself much harder - in every aspect of my life - to achieve the goals I have set. With only exceptional feedback like that, I hope you'll make many more of those presentations. Thanks again for sharing."
- Claude Carrier, CEO Bos

"Your presentation was enjoyed by everyone. Even those who are not sporty in any way. People were inspired by not only what you did but what it took to do it. Several came up to me later with thoughts and ideas of things that they have put off in the past and now are going out and "doing it". I try my best to inspire the staff and keep the moral positive and certainly last year was not an easy task, this was great and it certainly worked."
- Anita Dong, President McDonnell Haynes

  "Really enjoyed listening to your amazing journey and enjoyed how you lifted out personal epiphanies that held general relevance for us all. Storytelling was very engaging.
General feedback from the crew has that it was the perfect way to end our day. Helped them pull their head spaces into a different frame which was the intended outcome."

"I was blown away, your ability to express the vulnerability and incredible challenges of the race and your willingness to share the associated parallels to your life. I found myself humbled and inspired."

"Stefan is truly an inspiration and proof that the mind and spirit can conquer all.
The most powerful message I took away was to be grateful for my competitors and to those who push me every day. I'm only going to become a better person and perform better at my job if other people give me the push and I'm lucky to have that in my life. It also reminded me not to defeat myself when something goes wrong, but to rise up and try again.
I was truly sucked in by everything he was saying. My mind did not wander and I wanted to listen to every detail. He captured us with emotion, humor and business.
Thank you so much."

"Stefan was really amazing, and definitely makes you think about life from a business and personal perspective."

"You need to make a plan in life, write it down, and hold yourself accountable is the most powerful presentation. I really liked his honesty and the way he presented."

"I loved it. It was a great way to spend two hours, and especially on US Thanksgiving. We all get wrapped up in our lives, and forget that we have so much to be thankful for. With all that has gone on this year, I am hopeful the point that Stefan said.... we can all give a bit more resonates with the whole team."

"This for me was a great use of time, and hopefully a morale booster for the office."

"That you can succeed in life if you stay focused and have the right attitude. Achieving your goals, it's not always easy, but if you have the determination, perseverance and patience you can achieve whatever it is you want in life. Stefan was very engaging and powerful with his presentation. It was amazing."

"I enjoyed Stefan's presentation tremendously. His speech was captivating with just the right amount of wittiness so it's not boring!"

"Stefan's presentation is wonderful."

"Great presentation!"

"The messages I took away were:
  1. The easier way of accomplishing something may not always be the best way.
  2. Team work is essential for success.
  3. The reward that we get from working hard to achieve our dreams is well worth any inconveniences we may encountered to reached our goals in life.
  4. You won't know what your full capability will be if you don't try."

"Challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone. Great to see someone strive to improve and grow stronger during tough times in the economy. Stefan knew his weakness and reaction to similar challenges in the past and decided not to fall under the same pattern of behavior. Instead he did something different and altered his negative response to a positive one."

"The presentation was so inspiring. A wonderful example of what great things we can achieve if we work hard and want it enough. I will recall today whenever I find myself in battle with myself :)"

"I don't really have the words to describe it. I really enjoyed myself and Stefan's story. He is a great speaker and I think everyone including myself can relate to things he was saying. It was very motivation for me. I really appreciated him taking time out to tell his story. It was a great presentation."

"The presentation was very enlightening.... As for Stephan's adventures he certainly had the strength to do this and I really appreciated his honesty and realized that we are all human....with feelings and emotions and it is good to express them to others."

"I walked out of that meeting feeling uplifted and inspired. Stefan did a wonderful job, captivating as well as motivating the entire room."

"Thank you for having Stefan come and share his experience with us all. It was inspiring and I was able to apply all of his insights and take-aways to my own personal challenges or perspectives. It's amazing how raising money for NABS became the route for which he conquered his own personal, deep routed issues and challenges. I appreciate new perspectives and he made a great point about taking this challenge to experience emotions, feelings, lessons, etc that he could not experience in the office space alone. It's so true and I also thank you for realizing that."

"Although I was only able to sit in on the last 15 minutes of the presentation I was very interested and connected during that time. I find inspirational stories like that to be a huge benefit to me; even though they don't directly relate to my job/life they remind me and motivate me of what one individual can do."

"I thought it was a very inspirational session. He was a very intelligent speaker and powerful storyteller."

"Wow....did Stefan inspire me! He makes my runs on the treadmill seem like a sleepwalk. It is always nice to hear a pick me up story like that. And I completely agree, a slow period is an excellent time to do something unexpected and worthwhile."

"I thought it was incredibly motivating. I like to think of myself as being fairly health/nutrition/exercise oriented and not only did it give me motivation in that respect, but also for everyday undertakings. It made me consider that independently, and as a society, we can give/do more than we currently are and work that much harder to achieve a goal(s).

"What impressed me was the incredible introspective that Stefan exhibited by realizing that business was about to take a turn for the worse which he knew could have adverse effects on his health, personal life etc. - and that he should find some sort of challenge to put a positive spin on the year as a whole. If only everyone was this forward-thinking I believe we could avoid, or at least put a positive spin on the bad things that happen in all of our lives."

"In short, it was a great presentation and made me want to push myself much harder - in every aspect of my life - to achieve the goals I have set."

"Thanks very much for your inspiring talk."

"I listened attentively as you shared your experiences from the Gobi March and I knew as soon as you started speaking that I would have to share this presentation."

"Your speech was amazing and very inspirational. I could never imagine doing something like that but after I did it I want to do more. I wish we could have sat all day listening to you talk."

"Loved it. He's a great speaker and I felt the message was relevant to me both in regards to work and to life - it is very inspiring. I enjoyed the stories of the local people living near the Gobi - very interesting - and the stories of the individual runners and their reasons for doing it."

"It's hard for me to believe that Stefan has only made the presentation a few times! I found him to be very eloquent and his story captivating."

"Informative. Interesting. Well presented. Enjoyable. And yes, the content was relevant. Would definitely recommend it to others."

"Great speaker; good clear voice and good body language."

"You were frank, honest and unashamed about how you came to this place in your life. You admitted to a professional challenge that domino-ed into your personal life. We can ALL relate to that.
You told your story in a very approachable way. You didn't make yourself sound like a superstar for what you accomplished. It was day-by-day.
You credited the people you were with; showed how working together got you going. And most importantly: the pay-it-forward. That was brilliant. When we're stressed in this crazy agency life, it's the kindness to others that seem to go, first. Ironically, it's that same kindness that, if we take the time, will pull us ahead."

"I would gladly have you in over and over again to hear more!"

"Riveting presentation with an excellent message."

"Excellent. Very inspirational and excellent application to our situation."

"Having a keynote speaker was great. It was intuitive to address the stresses we feel, and that the danger we see can really be opportunities."

"Very inspirational - excellent metaphors. Stefan provided a new way to look at things."

"Inspiring. Stefan tied his ideas to our current issues."

"Very inspiring and thought provoking."

"Thought provoking."

"Inspiring and honest."