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Finally, an easy-to-follow methodology for audacious goal attainment.

After 30 years in Executive Search, and over 10,000 interviews relentlessly looking for the best recruitment talent, Stéfan has witnessed a direct connection between goal setting, work success and personal satisfaction. Fewer than two-thirds of us actually set goals, and only 8% ever accomplish them. But with Stéfan’s coaching, you’ll be encouraged to tackle a project that stretches your comfort zone, while you cultivate the necessary discipline to ultimately triumph in its achievement.

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About Stéfan Danis

CEO, Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Humanitarian, Endurance Athlete, Father

Stéfan is Chief Talent Officer & CEO at Mandrake, one of Canada’s leading Executive Search, Onboarding, Career Transition, and Talent Management firms. He is also an accomplished endurance athlete, including running four 250 km desert ultra-marathons in China, Egypt, Chile and Antarctica; and racing his bicycle across Costa Rica and the Pyrénées in France.

Each day, we're presented with opportunities to challenge ourselves. Whether you're an athlete striving for victory; a businessperson looking to increase sales performance; or a student seeking honours; Gobi BOLD provides a clear map towards achieving the goal.

Michael Barry, Owner Mariposa Bicycles, Author, 3-time Olympian and Pro cyclist

Within us all is that child with crazy dreams ... this book allows that child to flourish.

Mehmet Danis, Winner 250 km Atacama Desert Crossing

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