Book Stéfan to Speak

Get inspired at a live event or online

Looking to energize conference attendees or motivate lofty goals for team members? Or perhaps, push your own limits, while exploring ways to overcome adversity? Stéfan is the speaker for you.

To reserve Stéfan or learn more about his Gobi BOLD inspirational events, contact Daniela Ionescu at 416.922.5400 or via email at

Stéfan has 5 main presentation formats which have been presented to groups, ranging from intimate executive retreats to podium style 1000+ attendee keynotes:

  • 20-minute keynote resembling his 2012 TEDxTalk
  • Extended TED with interactive elements lasting under 60 minutes
  • Customized keynote with up to 50 plug-in insights curated by you to match a desired theme
  • 60 minute+ goal setting presentation with scheduled follow-up coaching calls
  • Full-day retreats with pre-work, exercises, and other tangible outcomes

Stéfan also has been keynote for “Brand Me” type events at universities, colleges and convocations, as well as a subject matter expert at onboarding and human capital conferences. In addition, he has spoken at 75+ organizations in 10+ countries (France, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Peru, UK, China, South Africa, US, and Canada), including 15+ cities in North America alone.