Gobi BOLD captures the true ‘polarity’ of what we all need to discover about ourselves in the corporate world. We are driven to succeed, and that takes perseverance and determination. But without self-awareness and vulnerability, we can’t push ourselves to go beyond our own limitations. This book is for people that want to articulate their purpose and connect it to their careers, families and overall life aspirations. In the spirit of Stéfan’s words, change your story if you want to change your state of mind!”

Justine Fedak, Formerly SVP at BMO, now at Corporate Hippies

“Audiences always ask me how superstars do what they do. 90% of it is mental, but the real answer is how they use their mind. That difference maker is often the support of a coach, a mentor, a parent, or someone most people don’t have access to … until now! Stéfan’s playbook provides the specific steps anyone can take to reach greatness.”

Patrick Sweeney, Tech entrepreneur, Best-selling author of Fear is Fuel – The Surprising Power to Find Purpose, Passion and Performance

“I was so excited when Stéfan shared Gobi BOLD with me because I knew that my clients would really benefit from it. So much of my work at Mandrake is about coaching executives to chart a path forward, overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Gobi BOLD provides a fantastic template for me to now use that is both practical and highly aspirational. It also delivers an important message that no matter how hard our goals, we can achieve them!”

Deborah Nixon, PdD, ACC, Vice President, Mandrake Capital

“Stéfan has triumphed again and again against seemingly insurmountable challenges like tackling of the Gobi Desert, only to emerge stronger each time. As a martial artist and tech-oriented, business executive, I’ve had my share of good luck and bad. I only wish that I’d had the benefit of Stéfan’s playbook to help me bounce back even faster from the toughest personal challenge I’ve ever faced. It began one day in 2003, when overnight I went from being a healthy, active, 35-year old black belt in Kempo karate to requiring hospitalization for paralysis – the culprit being Guillain-Barré Syndrom. Thankfully, like most, I fully recovered from this rare disorder, but getting better demanded extreme mental and physical stamina to truly reframe my life priorities. This challenge would have been far easier to conquer with Gobi BOLD in my pocket. His messages of thinking big, holding myself accountable, and enlisting the support of others, would have been the perfect guide to helping me get on the karate training mat again.”

Paul Goddard, CEO, Pizza Pizza Limited and 2nd Degree Kempo Black Belt